Bakelite Baubles

The more I learn about bakelite, the more it seems it seems to come into our collection.  
Here are a few of our recent finds...

 Top: Brown brooch (coming soon)
Left: Butterscotch earrings (may go straight to my personal collection)
Right: Rose brooch (in the shop now)
Bottom: Amazing orange bakelite and nut bracelet (coming soon)

Left: Deeply carved dress clip (coming soon)
Right: Gorgeous "end of day" hoops (coming soon)
Bottom: huge pendant (any suggestions on how to best utilize this?)

For some great information and a generally good read, check out Temperamental Broad


  1. I will certainly know how to utilize the pendant. :)

  2. So...think I should sell it as the pendant alone rather than attempt to be creative and work it into a necklace? :-)


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