Let it Rain! 1940s Umbrellas

Inspired by the recent rainy weather!
Sometimes I feel like I collect just about everything (and I think Isaac might concur), but one of my most favorite fledging collections is a small, but growing, cache of vintage umbrellas.  I feel like I can justify collecting these since I actually use most of them and they don't take up too much room in a house already overflowing with vintage.

These older portable-canopies were valued not just for their functionality, but also as a fashion accessory.  As such, they were crafted with amazing details in stunning colors and patterns.  There are just a few of my favorite ones from early 1940s.

You can survive any cloudy day with this amazing umbrella!  I love how the classic brown plaid contrasts with the whimsical celadon green, heart-shaped/sunflower carved handle.

This one has the most amazing floral-print rayon canopy; I have a feeling that is was at one time part of a set either with a matching dress or with other matching accessories.  The handle is an etched lucite.

This is currently the only one I have with a true bakelite handle and I'm thrilled that it's lime green!

from the Spring/Summer 1941 Sears Catalog


  1. Almost makes one look forward to a rainy day! Lovely post!

  2. Just beautiful! Who wouldn't want to dance in the rain with these beauties!

  3. those are amazing! i love the plaid one, that handle is so dear.

  4. My navy one didn't make the cut, why? ;-}


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