1920s Color Photography: Clifton Adams, part II

The long overdue Part II of Clifton Royal Adams 1920s color photography.  These pictures are part of his tour of the United States.  If you're interested in checking out his European photos, check out my earlier post here.   And, don't worry...there are still more 1920s color photos to come, so there'll be so many more opportunities to enjoy glimpses of 1920s fashions in action.

A group of students relaxes on the terrace at Cornell University.
A woman walks the gardens in Newport.

A woman looks at fruit from a vendor in front of the U.S. Capital.
A woman holding a parasol stands by a row of Azalea bushes in Florida.
Two women of Spanish ancestry pose in colorful floral dresses in Texas.
A girl picks violets in a field at Gettysburg.
A girl picks violets in a field at Gettysburg.
A girl picks violets in a field at Gettysburg.
A young woman stands by a garden full of poinsettias beside a house in Florida.
Artists paint in oil at a popular private art school in Manhattan.
Women attend an archery class at the University of Texas.
Two Mexican girls pose against a brick wall in Nogales.


  1. I love looking at old picures... these ones feel extra special, don't they? I obviously love the ones of the ladies together. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow, I am research the colors used in 1920s for a renderings I am working on when I came across your site and I realized I already have a couple of published images. I can ID two of the women in the Gettysburg photos. The must have been taken at the same time as three photos that were using in The National Geographic Magazine (vol.LX,No.1) and then published in July 1931. The woman in red with the white lace yoke was Mardelle Leismann and her friend in blue was my great aunt Alice Spangler Snyder.


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