Adieu 2012

As we prepare to say good bye to 2012, I thought it might be fun (for me at least) to take a quick look at some of the highlights...

We're so thankful for all of the milestones and successes we've had this year!  

Best of all were all of the many new friends and customers we met!

We hit over 2000 sales on Etsy and over 2600 Facebook fans.

We made the Top 10 list for Lulu's Vintage 2012 People's Choice Award for best online vintage store and Racked's Vintage 38 list of top online vintage sites.

Many of our items made their way into the wardrobe departments of movie and tv studios.
CBS's Vegas
Bomb Girls
Grace of Monaco (starring Nicole Kidman) 
Showtime's Masters of Sex
among others.

And, we were honored to have Taylor Swift appear on Fifi & Jules in one of our dresses. 
Photo courtesy of

I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite pieces that found new homes in 2012, but it was so so hard to pick just a few.  So, here is a not-so-short sampling of a few of favorites.

Dresses, dresses, and more dresses (we went a bit dress crazy in 2012)...
1930s rayon knit dress
1930s chiffon dress with bakelite buckle
Early 1940s plaid suit
1950s floral sundress
1950s red holiday party dress
1950s floral cotton dress
1950s black and white graphic sundress
1950s crepe and pink peek-a-boo party dress
1950s bombshell wiggle dress
1950s floral halter sundress and jacket 
 1950s navy party dress

And the coats and jackets of 2012...
1960s MOD winter coat
1930s blue wool and sheared beaver coat
1940s wasp waist jacket  
Early 1950s princess coat
1940s Asian style jacket

And the purses...
1960s HUGE John Romain basket purse
1930s Meeker tooled leather clutch
1930s crocheted bag with lucite handles 
1960s Aigner oxblood leather purse

And the shoes...
1940s green pumps
1940s swing dance shoes
1940s peep toe oxfords with embroidered spiders

We had such a great year in 2012 thanks to all of you!  Isaac and I are really looking forward to 2013 and sharing more memories, milestones, and vintage with all of you.  


  1. Oh gosh the one that I really regret missing out on is the bombshell wiggle dress. So beautiful, unfortunately my life is not glamorous enough :(


  2. love both flower print dress.
    This collection is really wonderful.

  3. Congrats on all your good fortune! Hope 2013 is just as prosperous and lucky!

  4. what a great 2012!! here's to an even better 2013. (don't know how you let those dresses go!!)


  5. Love vintage clothing! Rohn Strong sent me here!

    Just because I can tell the difference, I wanted to point out that the dress labelled as a 'Rayon knit dress' is actually crochet. :)


  6. thanks bethintx1! i'm still learning the differences in the knits and crochets. being someone who has never done either, i completely appreciate any corrections and/or tips about these! :-)


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