Vintage Gold Chains - 2013 Summer Accessories

One of our favorite looks for Summer 2013 is a classic vintage sundress.  (OK, yes, this is actually our favorite look for pretty much every summer.)  And the perfect accessory for these dresses is the gold necklace.   Gold necklaces are great for summer and everyone should have at least a couple in their jewelry collection.  Gold looks great against sun-kissed skin.  They can go with so many different outfits and styles (i.e. they're perfect for summer travel).  And, the gold necklaces, especially chunky ones, can give a more updated look to a vintage dress and keep it from looking too much like a costume.   
What more do you need?

Below are some of the vintage gold necklaces we're adding to the shop in preparation for summer fun.

And see how amazing a gold necklace looks with an adorable vintage sundress...

1950s Red and Black Cotton Sundress (coming soon)

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  1. Oh these dresses are so gorgeous, Please tell me some are mediums. :) I really like the white and gold necklace, one of my favourite colour combinations. :)

  2. I'm loving the plaid!

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