And so it begins did it come to this? A blog, an etsy store?

Although Isaac and I both have day jobs (he's a green engineer and I work at a vintage consignment store and am a graduate student), we just can't seem to help ourselves from spending all our free time in the world of vintage. It's true, we're addicted! This addiction, fortunately or unfortunately, has left us with a house overflowing with some amazing vintage finds for which we decided to find loving homes...and the Raleigh Vintage Etsy store was born. I guess through both our predilection for research, we also found ourselves with more information about individual pieces and periods than we could fit into a simple etsy listing...and here we are...the Raleigh Vintage blog. The main purpose of this blog will be to share, in one spot, all of the great information and resources we've had to look long and hard for. And, as is the nature of blogging, there might be a few digressions into a few of our other favorite things.

All comments, suggestions, additional information, and questions are HIGHLY encouraged!

We're looking forward to sharing our love of vintage with you!

Andi and Isaac
Raleigh Vintage

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