Just a glimpse of the goodies we've been listing on etsy lately shows I've recently become almost obsessed with late 1960s MOD fashion. And what is more iconic of the MOD period than the mini skirt? So, I decided to investigate the origins of this radical fashion phenomenon.

It all started with one woman: Mary Quant. OK, it didn't actually "start" with her, but she is usually credited with making the mini skirt a rising and raging fashion style. Beginning in 1955, Mary Quant owned a boutique called Bazaar in Chelsea, on King's Road, London. Not happy with the fashions people were bringing her to sell, she create her own looks, the most popular of which was the miniskirt. The sleek lines and shortened hems became known as the "Chelsea look".

Interestingly, this British MOD designer and boutique owner was enrolled by J.C Penney to create a line of modern clothing for their stores and catalogs. This brought MOD fashion to the masses and fashion has never looked back...or I should say it hasn't stopped looking back.

Mary Quant and her models

Just what is the proper length of a mini skirt?
In the US it was normally 4-5 inches above the knee.
In the UK, it was a shocking 7-8 inches or shorter.

See it all in action:

Video thanks to Eukryptos: Footage of Mary Quant's studio.
Music: Jacques Dutronc - Mini Mini Mini

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