What does one do while photographing and processing clothes for etsy? Well, for us, this weekend it was having The Mary Tyler Moore Show continually running in the background. I grew up watching reruns of the show, but Isaac had never really watched it...he's hooked now.
Oh those early 1970s fashions! And The Mary Tyler Moore Show is a wonderful glimpse into what 30-somethings in the Mid West might have been wearing - not too trendy, not too upscale, but not your grandmother's clothes either. We found ourselves frequently point at the computer (watching on Hulu) and saying "Hey, we have something almost exactly like that" or "OMG, I WANT that!". And Mary's closet...that HUGE closet that we always see, never get to go into. What treasures lay behind that door?
Evan-Picone! The treasures are an entire wardrobe of early 1970s Evan-Picone clothes. If you watch a lot of episodes back-to-back, you'll begin to notice that what Mary's wardrobe is essentially mix-and-match separates that she wears multiple times throughout a season. Being one of the largest manufacturers of woman's sportsware and separates at that time, Evan-Picone made sense for the character of Mary Tyler Moore. Most "real" Midwestern career girls were probably also wearing the label.
Need more? A great article about outfitting the entire cast of TMTMS.

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