Dress Up

We all want to play dress up! Just the other day our friends Maria and Tori stopped by Get Dressed (the vintage store where I - Andi - work) and wanted to have fun with some of the clothes while Isaac tried his hand at being a photographer. They looked fabulous!

1950s/60s Shirt Waist Dress, Raleigh Vintage
Hat, Raleigh Vintage
Purse, Get Dressed
Shoes, Maria's personal stash

1950s/60s Gold Damask Party Dress, Raleigh Vintage
1940s Hat, Raleigh Vintage
1960s Lillie Ann Dress Coat, Get Dressed

1960s Red Party Dress, Get Dressed
1940s Red Hat, Raleigh Vintage
Gloves and Shoes, Raleigh Vintage

1940s Lingerie, Get Dressed
1960s MOD Hat, Raleigh Vintage
1960s Tweed Dress Coat, Get Dressed
Vintage Lizard-skin Bag, Get Dressed

1960s MOD Mini Dress, Raleigh Vintage
1980s Belt, Get Dressed
1960s Purse, Get Dressed

1960s MOD Mini Dress, Raleigh Vintage
1960s Go-Go Boots, Get Dressed


  1. Love it, especially the white outfit!

  2. i love those boots !! damn i wish i lived back in the 60's 40's and maybe 1800's:)

    awesome blog i love that everything is so chic



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