The Creative Bubble

I love my job and I love where I live (Raleigh...or Raleighwood to those of us who reside here). I'm in a creative bubble within a creative bubble! At work, I'm surrounded not only by gorgeous vintage clothing and jewelry, but also by the most amazing handcrafted jewelry and clothing from artists and designers from right in my backyard. One of my favs:

Good Girls Studio. I first met Johanna last year while working a local fashion show. It was love at first sight...with her jewelry! You know that feeling when you see something and you instantly crave it? Well, that was me with her jewelry. I HAD to have it in Get Dressed (the vintage store that is my day job) and, after several months, she finally agreed. I now get to play dress-up everyday with her goodies, the few I can resist taking home with me that is.

Some of my favorite pieces from her Etsy shop (gotta thang for the big ones, what can I say?):

Also, congrats to Johanna for being featured in Etsy's storque a few months ago!

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  1. Thanks my dearest! It was love at first sight for me too ;)


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