Land Girls - my latest BBC obsession

 While desperately searching Netflix a few days ago (no TV in our house), I ran across the most lovely surprise...the BBC series Land Girls.   If you haven't seen it, you must.  Set in the 1940s, the show centers around women who are working on a rural farm to replace the male farmhands away because of the war.  Their interactions with each other and the locals are touching and humorous...there is scandal, romance, drama, and comedy.  And, best of all....the clothes! 

I'm still working on season 1 and am so excited that there are at least 2 more seasons ahead of me (don't spoil any plot for me)! 

Look for more to follow on the REAL land girls!

1 comment:

  1. Where is the image from of the beautiful woman sitting there with the orange underskirt and roses? Just a divine posting. Thank you.


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