The making of a T-shirt

Why I love being surrounded by creative friends...

Just a few days ago, my friends Liz, Molly, Jen and I were inspired to create a T-shirt for our upcoming Tap into TWEED party.  Within hours, Molly and Liz (from Revolver Consignment) had the design and Jen (also from Revolver) had our screen-printing friend Adam (from Ahpeele) on the phone.  Two days later Adam had our screen ready and he and Isaac (Raleigh Vintage) did the printing.  
We now have a most lovely t-shirt that will be for sale at the party!

 Step one: create the screen (essentially a sophisticated screen cut-out)

 Step Two: choose your color

 Step three: choose your squidgy

 Step Four: apply the paint over screen (which is over your t-shirt) with your squidgy (done here by Adam from Ahpeele)

 Here's a great shot of the contraption that holds the screen and the t-shirt.

 The finished t-shirt on the machine.

 Step Five: drying.  The screen-printed garment goes onto a conveyor belt into an intrared "oven" (here a screen-printed vest is ready to be transferred to the oven)

 The designers: Molly and Liz from Revolver Consignment

The finished product (MINE!)

We hope to see you all at the Triangle Tweed Ride 2012!


  1. Screen printing is so rad. Awhile ago I put this design of this cartoon character Im developing along with th text: "beware: this shirt is transmitting subliminal messages." going I do a blog post on it soon!!

    Excited to find your blog! Awesome stuff. :)

    Love and kudos,

    1. Aw, thanks! That text is hysterical; I love it! Can't wait to see the blog post (please send me a link!).


  2. Great to meet you guys at the model home. Love your selection of clothing. Blessings Lee


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