1950s Jamaican Souvenir Skirt

I have to share this amazing appliqued skirt I just found.  I'm assuming it was handmade in Jamaica and was purchased there as a souvenir in the 1950s.  
 Check out the attention to details and the various techniques and materials used.  

There are added braids for the women's hair.

Lovely embroidered flowers and clothing.

The Ackee is the nation fruit of Jamaica.  "Duppy" is the Jamaica term for ghost.  

Added bit of bandana hangs from his pocket.  And the stitched stripes on those pants are a nice touch.

The brooms are made of real straw!

The details in the applique are amazing.

Look for this amazing 1950s full skirt with novelty applique print in the shop soon!

Learn more about the elements of 1950s style  on the blog of one of our dear friend and vintage style experts, Sammy Davis Vintage.


  1. Beautiful!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  2. This is so amazing! I love skirts like these that just have lots of minute details! I have one vintage skirt that has signatures all over it since the original owner of the skirt traveled often and had people she met sign her skirt. It's a pretty plain yellow skirt, but the hand drawings and signatures (one dated to 1941) makes it one of the most treasured pieces I have in my wardrobe.

  3. That is gorgeous! And I'm headed to Jamaica in just over 2 weeks . . . .

  4. Kristin - I'm so jealous of your trip; I hope you have a fantastic time! Let us know if you see anything like this while you're down there. :-)

  5. You may well have a piece of this woman's art - https://findernotkeeper.com/collections/all/dorothy-mcnab -- a friend posted your page and I did a little google -- an incredible piece!


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