1930s Beach Pajamas - from the backroom

These amazing 1930s beach pajamas got a chance to come out of the backroom (you know, that place where you store all of the vintage you just can't bring yourself to part with) for a quick photo shoot.  

Made of navy rayon with white stars with a white crepe trim.  The matching over-jacket has toggle-style wooden buttons.  And there's even has a matching neckscarf (or headscarf).   



  1. I think if you listed that it would sell in about a hot second....

  2. I think that is what I'm afraid of! :-) I have a whole room devoted to clothes that I just like having around...things that I like to pull out and look at over and over. That is probably bad thing for a someone who makes a living SELLING vintage.

  3. That set is stunning. How lucky to have all three pieces!


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