A 'new' 1930s Callot Soeurs dress

Have you ever wanted to own your own Callot Soeurs dress?  Me too...and now I finally do!   

A few months ago I was going through some stored 1920s dress and made a most remarkable discovery.  In a crate of dresses (don't worry, the are nicely folded in acid free tissue) that I'd purchased last year, I "re-found" a 1930s dress with a label still attached.  A NOS 1930s dress is special enough, but when I red the tag I almost pasted out.  I sat there for a few minutes reading it over and over...it couldn't really say what I think/hope it says...CALLOT SOEURS.  Pinch me!

The dress is a dark black liquid satin with undulating soutache on the neckline.  At the waist closure there is an abstract bow.  The skirt has diagonal, bias cut gores that give the skirt an amazing drape.  The sleeves are cuffed and tied.  It has side snaps.   I have to note that I have yet cleaned it or even pressed for fear of damaging it.
But, it is in truly amazing condition!   

I've contacted a few museums in hopes of getting more information about the label itself.  I'll keep you up dated if I get any responses.

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