1930s Vintage Tie Collection

A while back, Isaac was lucky enough to find an old box FILLED with men's neckties.   We finally started going through them and getting them ready for the shop.   We were pleasantly surprised to find that they all appear to be deadstock ties dating to the mid- to late-1930s.  

Here is your sneak peek...Don't worry, we'll have them in the shop in time for holiday shopping! 

We're not exactly sure what "the story" is with the box of ties.
There are many different labels, but there is one customer's name on the box.
Perhaps the department store was preparing for them to be either shipped or picked-up by this loyal customer?
Or was the box being re-used for ties that didn't sell?

Here is a sampling of less than half the box.  

So many different colors and patterns.

Some of the labels are really interesting.

This label for Cheney Cravats is definitely my favorite label.  How often do you see a camel on a vintage label?
My three favorite ties from those we've already sorted.
Left: late 1930s silk "bubble" tie in greens, teals, and blues.
Middle: late 1930s silk tie with striped umbrellas and...well...I'm just not sure what  the other image is.
Right: late 1930s silk tie with turtles on lily pads.

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