Vintage Shopping - Portland, part II

Yep, Portland has so many wonderful vintage shops that it takes two posts to cover them all...

After taking a day off vintage shopping to visit the Japanese garden, we were back on the trail of amazing vintage goodies.

Our first stop on this day was Magpie Vintage.   Sadly, we didn't have a most wonderful experience here.  It wasn't "bad", but it wasn't thrilling either.  There were three people working in the shop and two customers when we arrived.  The three employees were busy cleaning shoes and putting out new vintage.  While I love to see busy employees, none of them stopped to acknowledge that we'd entered the shop or offered any help...even when Isaac and I both had our faces pressed against the jewelry case that two of the employees were using as a work surface.    So, while the service was lacking, the vintage collection was fun.  Being fairly  close to Halloween, there was lots of cheap costumes, but we also found racks of older vintage dresses and a huge case of amazing vintage jewelry.  Needless to say, since the employees here were rather non-responsive to customers, we didn't even bother to ask about taking photos.
Photo source: Lindyshopper

On to the next stop...Ray's Ragtime.  I have to admit that I was a little weary about this place since I'd heard/read some stories about the rather rude owner and staff (and coming off the rather blase experience at Magpie, I wasn't feeling too upbeat myself).  But, wow...just walking into this shop can quicken the heartbeat of a vintage lover.  It took a bit of time standing in the middle of the shop to take it all in and get a grasp of the sheer amount of vintage in every nook and cranny, even hanging from the rafters.   I snaked my way back to the vintage jewelry, behind which were the shelves with amazing 1920s - 1940s shoes and hats.   A very sweet sales clerk patiently showed me piece after piece, pulling out any shoes that seemed close to what I was looking for.  I tried on a few hats, while he continued to patiently smile.  So, with no seeming rudeness from this salesman, I inquired about the older dresses handing from the ceiling, way out of reach.  He was happy to pull down dress after dress and we laughed and chatted as I picked out a few to try on.   Another salesclerk help Isaac with the older suits (again hanging way out of reach).  Ray had appeared in the shop by this time and rather than scolding Isaac for trying on a jacket that was a little snug on him (a common complaint from the reviews I'd read), he asked about where Isaac would be wearing the suit.  Yes, he was actually interested in finding a suit to match Isaac's needs.  
The last hurdle, taking pictures.   We'd heard that Ray does NOT allow photos of the shop.  But, after we purchased a few things, I asked one of the nice staff if we could snap a few.  He hesitated, said that Ray doesn't allow it, but that he'd stepped out for a be quick and subtle about it.  THANKS nice salesclerk! 

1930s dress display in one of the nooks.  

Hard to tell, but this is the sales counter/check-out.  So, so much eye-candy in this store!

Next stop...Avalon Vintage.  I have to confess that here we got so wrapped up in looking at everything (and the fact that it was time for a much needed cocktail!) that we pretty much forgot to take photos.  The store is so lovely though.  It kind of has the feel of walking back in time to an early century clothing store.  Great displays.  Very organized.  The gentleman and woman working were very nice and super helpful.  In fact, Simon (the gentleman working) was so extremely helpful, passionate, and knowledgable about vintage watches that Isaac added "vintage watch" to his Christmas wish list.  If you're looking for quality vintage from a really knowledgable staff, definitely add Avalon to your list!  ('ll probably be hearing from me about some of those watches!)

Restored vintage watches at Avalon.  

So, after our stop in Avalon, it was definitely time for some libations and food.

All in all, the shop we visited had amazing selections of older vintage, really helpful staff, and fair prices.  There were a lot more places still left to visit, but, sadly, we were leaving the next day so we still have a partial list for our next visit.  Hopefully soon...

Check out our first day of vintage shopping in Portland here.


  1. oh sorry you had crappy Magpie experience, maybe I have rose colored glasses because I bought some cool stuff and always regret leaving behind this incredible but crazy leather dress.....p.s. love this blog layout!

    1. I wouldn't say it was terrible or anything, just not the best of our experiences in Portlandia...but their clothes were really cool! :-) Oh...and thanks; Issac and I are learning HTML and doing it ourselves little by little, so there are more changes and tweaks to come.

  2. come up to Portland, Maine. Vintage happens here, too.


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