Perfect Harmony - A 1940s Asian-style Jacket and an Asian Garden

While Isaac & I were in Portland a couple of weeks ago, we were lucky enough to make it out to the Japanese Garden.  It is truly an amazing place - so peaceful and beautiful.    When we returned home, I was inspired to bring out an Asian inspired 1940s jacket that I'd been keeping in our backroom (where I keep the spectacular items that I just can't let go of) and share it with you.  

Stunning silhouette with wide shoulders and a nipped waist.
Hand-rolled toggles using the same fabric as the jacket.
Glamorous wide, asymmetrical sleeves.
Golden silk with a classic woven pattern.
Fishtail peplum back.

This amazing jacket is available in the shop!

I think the photos from the Japanese Garden speak for themselves.  I hope you enjoy them.

And, yes, I do realize that the jacket is a Chinese-style and the garden is Japanese...
but I was inspired nonetheless. :-)

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  1. That jacket is gorgeous!


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