Halloween Costume Ideas - Deliverance

This one is a bit out there, but...

40 years ago, Deliverance began shaping the views of mountain people and banjo music for an entire generation.  So, for the Ruby anniversary of this very creepy movie, why not celebrate it?!  Yes, the deliverance look is more the boys, but I'm sure there are creative gals out there who could make it work.   All you need are some 1970s rugged clothes and maybe some 70s sideburns.  Easy as that!

If you can carry a canoe with you Halloween night, that would be a great touch!
Yes, those 70s sideburns are a must!

To pull of the "locals" looks, suspenders, facial hair, and dirt are necessary.  If you can fake the bad dental work, that is an extra bonus.
If you want to be a "local" on the losing side, you need an arrow through your chest.

There are a few other scenes which could make for interesting costumes, but...I'll let you figure those out on your own (squeal).  :-)

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