Halloween Costume Ideas - Mad Men

Tis the season for donning wild and wacky costumes...and we're here to help you find some that fulfill your need to dress in vintage.

The first of our ideas is perhaps an obvious one, but a good one nonetheless...Mad Men, Season 5

Betty Draper
This season, we saw a larger Betty...this could be a fun alternative to the last few years of "classic Betty".   This one is as easy as finding a more "matronly" 1960s dress and stuffing yourself into it.  
And how much fun would this look be for a guy?!

Megan Draper
Megan has one of the most fun wardrobes...young and hip.  To pull off her look, definitely find a fun MOD dress, add some tights and a pair of flats.

1960s MOD cocktail dress from Raleigh Vintage
 1960s MOD mini dress from Raleigh Vintage

The men of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
And for the boys, the look can be more casual this year.  Add a little color and pattern.  Remember...narrow lapels, skinny ties, and flat-front pants.

Or...something a little more wacky...Roger's acid trip.

 Secondary characters that offer some fun costume ideas...

Paul as a Hare Krishna
Peggy's friend Joyce

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