The Great Drapo | Glamourous Dresses Without Sewing

You all know how it is moments before you're heading out for a big event and you still don't have anything to wear and all you long for is a gorgeous custom-made dress.  Well, if it were 1940, the Great Drapo (Alphonse Bergé) could come over and drape you in fabric in mere seconds.   

This video shows the Great Drapo creating numerous fabulous frocks with just a few swirls, folds, and tucks - no pins or sewing.   It is truly amazing! 

Lades and Gentlemen...the GREAT DRAPO...

Here are some really great photos from Life, 1940 that show the animation with which The Great Drapo works.  He was featured in the 1940 World's Fair Rayon Exhibit.   

In the Life article, they mention that Alphonse Bergé had been working his "magic" for at least 20 years.   So...wondering what those early dresses looked like?  

Here's a silent video from ca. 1923 called A While You Wait Frock.  (video via British Pathé)

The Great Drapo was such a sensation that his work was a stage act!  Here's a playbill from 1943.

I hope you're all inspired to give this a try!  
And, if you do, I definitely want to see some photos or videos!


  1. This is so wonderful!! The video is a great find and it is fascinating to watch him!

  2. I am a bridal seamstress and this just blew my mind! I am going to bring some bolt of fabric to my shop and try this on some ladies ASAP.

  3. This is outrageously amazing - I think I found how to style my new wardrobe for Burning Man and while my while-I-lose weight time. Forget buying in between size frocks - just twist your own (or have your partner help) out of pretty cloth!

  4. In fact, I just planned a Great Drapo party for my vintage gal pals (and a few less vintage gals - who wouldn't have fun trying their hand at this??)

    1. A Great Drapo party! I LOVE IT! I think I'll do that here too! I definitely want to see pictures from your Drapo Burning Man wardrobe and the Drapo party! :-)

  5. I think you would love my contributions:





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