1924 Fifth Avenue Fashion

I recently picked up some great catalogs from smaller, high-end shops.  I thought you'd enjoy looking through them as much as I have.  This one is from Franklin Simon & Co., Spring 1924.   The mid 1920s saw chic, simple lines and was greatly influenced by menswear fashions.  All of these pieces seem so modern - wouldn't you just love to be able to actually shop from this catalog?!

Franklin Simon & Co, Spring 1924.  Such a simple, gorgeous cover design.

1920s Knit Suits

1920s Spring Dresses

1920s Suits

1920s Spring Coats.  Check out the prices - $155.00!  Pretty pricey for the 1920s.

1920s Suits

1920s Swimsuits 

1920s Lingerie

1920s Sprtswear - sweaters and skirts.
These are some of my favorite looks from the 1920s.

1920s Shirts.  You can really see the menswear influence here.
And notice the simple cloche hats.

1920s Shoes.  These women's oxfords are to-die-for!

Up next...a mid-1930s catalog with the NRA label!

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  1. Fantastic! I loved the descriptions of the bathing suits. Silk alpaca? I've got a few 20s bathing suits made of mystery fabrics, and this gives a clue.

    And the sweaters! I've asked Santa for the set on the left.


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